Dignity is not a privilege to be earned; it is a right we are all born with.

Poverty, hunger, lack of education, and neglect are powerful forces that strip away our self-respect. Yet, in the shanty towns and ghettos of South Africa, where poverty, crime, and desperation is rife, there shines a beacon of hope. Everyone knows her. A woman of incredible grace, whose heart is open to care, nurture, educate, and provide a haven to those who need it. In rundown facilities, she fiercely protects the vulnerable, forgotten children of society from the social ills that poverty and desperation often bring. With meagre resources she feeds the hungry, always placing the needs of others above her own. Her name is Clover Mama Afrika.

It is women like these who make our country a better place, a place which provide hope for a better future to those who have lost all hope.

In 2004, Clover made it their mission to identify these inspirational matriarchs, to help them in their mission to restore dignity to their communities. Our goal was not to provide handouts, but rather

something imperishable, that would have a lasting impact in the community and on the future, and so we established the Clover Mama Afrika Trust.

The Clover Mama Afrika project was inspired by these women; our mission statement exemplifies what they stand for: Ukwakha Isizwe (building and nurturing our nation). By assessing their needs, we were able to help renovate their facilities and provide them with skills training, so that they can implement self-help projects at their centres to become self-sustainable.

They, in turn, have transferred these skills to the members of their community, creating both employment and income generating opportunities. We are proud to be a part of this transformation, and together with our Clover Mama Afrikas will continue to work towards a sustainable future for all.


The principles that the Clover Mama Afrika project was founded on hails from the ancient wisdom of Ubuntu. A uniquely African school of thought, where there is a clear understanding that the true meaning of life lies in the community ties that bind us: “I am because you are.” But Ubuntu is more than that; it is the sharing of natural resources, built on the principle of equity between generations. It is empathy and compassion for others and a mutual respect for human dignity. It is knowing that we belong to a greater whole, creating an interconnected world of mutual support.

We realise that rehabilitative healing can only take place when we live in relationship with one another, building a community of love, respect, and understanding.

By uplifting our Clover Mama Afrikas through skills development training, they share their knowledge with their communities, and we are proud to be a part of this transformation.