In the heart of Africa lies an ancient wisdom, an understanding of human connection: I am, because we are.

We embraced this knowledge, this spirit of Ubuntu. It provides the platform for a sustainable impact that could ripple through society. We see the work that is being done by women with nothing but love in their hearts, whose greatest wish is to see those around them rise above, and we help them to do so.


  • Development
  • Key areas identified
  • 1st four Mamas appointed


  • HCI Foundation joined as financial partner
  • Bernina S.A joined as main training facilitator partner
  • C&R Brand Solutions joined as product partner
  • 1st beginners sewing course presented to 5 attendees
  • Received 1st PMR Diamond Arrow Award
  • Basic admin and finance course introduced


  • 6 new Mamas appointed
  • Food garden course introduced and presented to 118 trainees throughout the year


  • 3 new Mamas appointed
  • Eqstra Flexi Fleet joined as financial partner
  • Siyabonga Africa joined as main training facilitator partner for bakeries
  • Aranda Textiles joined as product partner
  • Bread baking skills training introduced
  • Quilting skills training introduced


  • 7 new Mamas appointed
  • Denim Drive sewing course introduced
  • 137 Trainees received Bread Baking training


  • 3 new Mamas appointed
  • Overlock/ skills sharpening training introduced
  • Advanced Cooking and Baking skills introduced
  • Evening Dress sewing introduced


  • 3 new Mamas appointed
  • MiX Telematics joined as a financial partner
  • Unicode Systems joined as a service partner
  • Flower arranging skill introduced


  • 2 new Mamas appointed
  • 1st Shwe-Shwe dress making course held


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • Rachel du Toit joins as main quilting instructor
  • Hairdressing project launched


  • 3 new Mamas appointed
  • Welding skill introduced
  • Siyabonga Poultry & Egg laying project launched
  • Siyabonga Africa becomes main training facilitator partner for poultry projects
  • Good Food Studios joins as training facilitators for baking


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • Mosaic skill introduced
  • 1st Embroidery machine course held


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • Sealed Air joined as a services partner
  • 1st Back-to-basics sewing course held


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • HFR Transport joined as a financial partner
  • New Earth Pottery skill introduced


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • Anusha Padayachee and Leonie Edwards join as project partners


  • 1 new Mama appointed
  • Received 5th Annual SA Premier Business Award


  • Development
  • Key areas identified
  • 1st four Mamas appointed