Criteria of a Clover Mama Afrika
To be considered as a Clover Mama Afrika – there are criteria to be met first.
A Mama has already started a nurturing and protective environment for the people they care for in their community.
A Mama has already started with a group that work on a specific skill or skills for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.
She has managed such a group/care centre for a minimum of five years.
Owns an existing dwelling that accommodates their work.
Her work receives the respect and endorsement of the community.
She is willing to receive skills training that will enable her to better the self-help project(s).
She is committed to passing her new-found skills to create new or more jobs.
She understands that Clover does not give money, only skills training and equipment.
Here is a list of questions to be completed by the potential new Mamas.
1. How old are you?
2. How long have you been doing this work for (caring for vulnerable children and elderly or managing a group of ladies)?
3. Do you own your own home/centre?
4. How many days a week do you work with a group of ladies?
5. How many children do you care for?
6. What are the age groups?
7. Do the children live with you or come on a day to day basis?
8. Are the children receiving an education from you, the Mama?
9. Do you provide meals? If so, how many meals a day?
10. How many members work in your group?
11. What current skills does your group do (e.g.: sewing, cooking, and baking)?
12. What income are you currently generating from this group work and how do you use the income?
13. Are there any other companies/organizations involved with the project?
14. Clover does not offer FINANCIAL assistance. Clover offers skills, training and equipment. Do you accept this?
15. Are you willing to transfer/share skills with fellow members of your community?
16. How big is the garden – would there be space for a food garden?
17. What equipment do you have in your kitchen?
18. What skills do you currently have?
19. What services do you offer the children or members in your community?
20. How do you see your future, what is your end goal?
21. Any other information about your organisation:
If you would like to be considered as a potential Clover Mama Afrika please send your contact information and the answers to the below questions to: or or fax to: 011 471 1617. You may provide photos and any other information you wish to share with the following contact information.