Improving the Lives of Our Children

The sound of their laughter brings us joy; their cries ought to be ours, yet, so many children are left abandoned, unable to take care of themselves. But there is a group of women who are strong, who never ignore the cry of a child. They wipe the tears with their skirts, pick them up in their arms, hold them tenderly and overwhelm them with love. They make the world a better place to be in and inspire greatness in those in their care. Their hearts carry the joys and sorrows of the hundreds of children they have raised. On the 20th of this month, we celebrated Universal Children's Day - because their plight should not go unseen, their rights should be respected, every child needs to be protected.


28 November - Mama Rina Malan

MAMA Florence Nayakiso

Mama Florence never had to be prompted to take care of children in her community. Seeing them abandoned by circumstance was more than she could bear. Despite having her own children, she adopted 14 more, but she still believed she could do more to alleviate the suffering of children in her community. She dedicated her life to providing a haven to children left to fend for themselves while their parents went off to work, or in search thereof. She started Self-Help Crèche in 1995, with the help of her daughter, and today they provide care, love, and nutrition to more than 250 children, who have nowhere else to go during the day. But, providing a safe place for the children of this community is not where this Mama felt her obligation ended. She has implemented 11 different self-help projects and provides skills training for the various projects. She not only touches the lives of children, but also improves the lives of the community, offering them hope for a self-sustaining future, and growing their entrepreneurial spirit. read more


This year, Mama Florence wanted to put more effort into her catering project, and because of her excellent performance and reaching all Clover Mama Afrika objectives, we sent her daughter, Phomolo who manages her catering project on our cooking and baking courses this year. She was also a winner at Smarties Week 2017 and invested the prize money from Eqstra Flexi Fleet into her hair salon, purchasing various products and appliances. And since she manages to feed an average of 7 000 young and old per month from her organic food garden, the rest of her prize money was spent on gardening equipment and food for her piggery.


Our second last training session for 2017 has ended and our cooks rose to the occasion. read more

Usually, we host events for the Mamas, but this year they turned the tables on us and invited Prof Elain to be a guest speaker at their events. read more

It is always a good idea to sow kindness, not only on a day especially designated for it, so go on, spread some love for those who need it. read more

The festive season is around the corner!

The year has almost come to its conclusion, and we are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved in 2017. Keep an eye out for our next edition, where we will be spreading some festive cheer!


You can help us to ensure the sustainability of the Clover Mama Africa Project. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference to those who receive it. Click here to see our full wishlist.

“That's what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”  ― Simone de Beauvoir