Tyilulwazi Centre for the Disabled

It takes a certain amount of strength and courage to stand up for what you believe in, to lift the veil of shame that a community wears by overwhelming it with love. When Mama Albertina Bloko noticed that differently abled children in her community were being isolated and hidden away by their families, she set out to change that. In 2005, she started a centre for children in the community who are differently abled.

She provides them with quality nutrition from her organic food garden and early learning stimulation. Incredibly, her dedication to them encourages them to exceed their perceived limitations. She offers them a safe environment to practice the additional skills she taught them, which includes knitting, baking biscuits, various arts, hand sewing, and beadwork.


CMA provided skills training to 52
Mama transferred skills to 190
Mama provides employment to 1


Beading & basket weaving
Cooking & baking
Crocheting & knitting
Food gardens
Flower arranging


Joined CMA: February 2006
Children in her care: 30
Elderly in her care: 35
Outreach: 22

Facts about Mama Albertina

Centre: Tyilulwazi Centre for the Disabled
Location: Alexandria, Eastern Cape


  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Xhosa
  • Date of Birth:
25 December 1960
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
2 children


2009 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina SA sewing competition – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Special Recognition Award – winner
2019 – Won laptop courtesy of Unicode Systems – “The world of technology” competition

“Self-discipline and determination and passion to achieve your goals.
Empower the community people around you”