Ncedisizwe Pre-School

Despite never having had the opportunity to go to school, Mama Dorah Tshabalala was determined not to let the youth in her community get caught in the cycle of poverty. When she witnessed the children in her community living without food and uncared for during the day when their parents were at work, she was determined to step in and give them a chance.

She is the proverbial sponge that soaks up every bit of knowledge, learning everything she needed to know to open her own pre-school, and follows an Early Childhood Development programme to provide these children with opportunities they would otherwise not be able to access. She provides them with meals and a safe place to play during the day, as well as teaching them the basics of reading and writing. Employed parents pay a minimal fee per month, but she won’t turn a child away if the parent cannot afford it.


CMA provided skills training to 12
Mama transferred skills to 123
Mama provides employment to n/a


Mama Dorah had no manpower to assist with projects, but she continues to spread the spirit of Ubuntu on her own.


Joined CMA: December 2007 – 2013
Children in her care: n/a
Elderly in her care: n/a
Outreach: n/a

Facts about Mama Dorah T

Ncedisizwe Pre-School
Ikageng, North West


  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
3 December 1950
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
1 child


2010 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina Sewing Competition – winner
2011 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Achiever Award – winner
2012 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina Sewing Competition – winner

“Mamas, you must know that Clover Mama Afrika is the people that give us all the support and we thank you.”