Bahle Care Centre

Mama Eunice became a volunteer worker with late Mama Bahle of Bahle Care Centre in 1996. Their core focus in those days was to care for the elderly, but with so many people in need, it soon developed into something much more. Bahle Care Centre became a place of refuge for the both the elderly, the young, and those infected with HIV & Aids. Mama Eunice cared and provided for more than 1500 members excluding her outreach programs. Her door was always open to the especially vulnerable members of the Umlazi community. Due to a heart condition, Mama Eunice resigned as a Clover Mama Afrika in August 2014 and introduced us to her successor, Mama Phumelele. Mama Eunice Dlamini from Umlazi sadly passed away in September 2015. Her selflessness and caring nature affected all those who knew her, and she will be dearly missed.