Self-Help Crèche

Mama Florence never had to be prompted to take care of children in her community. Seeing them abandoned by circumstance was more than she could bear. Despite having her own children, she adopted 14 more, but she still believed she could do more to alleviate the suffering of children in her community. She dedicated her life to providing a haven to children left to fend for themselves while their parents went off to work, or in search thereof.

She started Self-Help Crèche in 1995, with the help of her daughter, and today they provide care, love, and nutrition to more than 250 children, who have nowhere else to go during the day. But, providing a safe place for the children of this community is not where this Mama felt her obligation ended. She has implemented 11 different self-help projects and provides skills training for the various projects. She not only touches the lives of children, but also improves the lives of the community, offering them hope for a self-sustaining future, and growing their entrepreneurial spirit.


CMA provided skills training to 79
Mama transferred skills to 1206
Mama provides employment to 35


Mama Florence retired in 2018, handing over the reins to her daughter, Mama Phomolo, who has assisted her with her centre since 1995.


Joined CMA: July 2008 – 2018
Children in her care: 252
Elderly in her care: 56
Outreach programme: 52

Facts about Mama Florence

Self-Help Crèche
Botshabelo, Free State

  • Nationality and Language:
Xhosa & Sesotho
  • Date of Birth:
9 March 1949
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
1 child


2010 – Siyabonga Africa Best Bakery Award – winner
2010 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner
2011 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina Sewing Competition – winner
2012 – Clover Mama Afrika Business Woman of the Year Award – winner
2013 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Achiever Award – winner
2014 – Clover Mama Afrika of the Decade Award – winner
2015 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner
2016 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina Top Sewer (Maria Putlane) – winner
2016 – Clover Mama Afrika Overall Business Woman of the Year Award – winner
2017 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Cleanliness & Hygiene Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Business Woman of the Year Award – winner

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