New Era Crèche

Mama Glenrose Mashiqa was moved by the plight of young mothers who needed to go to town in search of piece jobs. They had no safe place for their children to stay while they went searching for employment. Moreover, they had no money to pay for childcare. She opened her home to look after these children, and as her reputation grew, she eventually began New Era Crèche, and now cares for more than 130 children daily.

Situated in Mdantsane in East London which is Africa’s second largest township, Mama Glenrose started charging a minimal fee that she hoped parents could afford, but she will never turn a mother and child away when they can’t. But, she realised that they all needed a little extra hope. Clover Mama Afrika helped her achieve this, and she now has a studio in her backyard where she trains people in various skills so that they can become self-sustainable. She makes up the shortfall for the crèche by selling a variety of arts and crafts. Her food garden, bakery and egg laying projects provide her with the opportunity to provide proper nutrition to those in her care and generate additional income from the excess.


CMA provided skills training to 56
Mama transferred skills to 451
Mama provides employment to 33


Art: Mosaic, Pottery, Painting
Cooking & Catering
Flower Arrangement
Crochet & Knitting


Joined CMA: November 2006
Children in her care: 130
Elderly in her care: 12
Outreach: various

Facts about Mama Glenrose

New Era Crèche
Mdantsane, Eastern Cape

  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Xhosa
  • Date of Birth:
21 April 1944
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
2 children


2010 – Clover Mama Afrika Photo Competition – winner
2011 – Clover Mama Afrika Most Improved Award – winner
2012 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner
2013 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Achiever Award – winner
2017 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Cleanliness & Hygiene Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Cleanliness & Hygiene Award – runner up
2019 – Clover Mama Afrika “Hygiene & Cleanliness” Award – runner up
2020 – Clover Mama Afrika “Hygiene & Cleanliness” Award – runner up
2021 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner

“If you want to succeed, trust God, work hard, go out and investigate the truth before you do anything. Help each other, be trustworthy, share with others and help the community respect the facilitators.”