Ebenezer Hannah Home

Born from a Clover Mama Afrika Legacy in Soweto, Mama Lydia Isaacs (27) is the daughter of one of our most esteemed members, Mama Shirley Merime. From the tender age of 11, Mama Lydia worked with her mother to attend bread baking courses, cook, take care of the vulnerable, and care for the children.

Mama Shirley instilled the values of kindness, gratitude, and altruism into her daughter and for that, we are extremely proud. Her mother taught her to always have respect, to love thy neighbour, to be confident, independent, and selfless. After Mama Shirley’s passing, we knew her legacy had to continue. She raised her daughter to contribute towards her community and leave this world a better place.

What encouraged Mama Lydia to take on this legacy and follow in her mother’s footsteps was her deep need to take care of people who needed a place to call home. She wanted to show people that there is still hope, no matter what happens.

Mama Lydia’s first love is cooking and baking but she also sews, works in the vegetable gardens, and manages the preschool. She runs the bakery and manages and takes care of the young children and elderly left to her by Mama Shirley.

With 150 children and 71 elderly people under her care, Mama Lydia is making massive contributions to her community. Riding on the coat tails of her mother, she is truly dedicated to touching the lives of people around her and making a difference in this world.

We are proud to have Mama Lydia as a Clover Mama Afrika and we can’t wait to see how she follows in her mother’s footsteps.


CMA provided skills training to n/a
Mama transferred skills to n/a
Mama provides employment to n/a


Bread baking
Cooking & baking
Food Gardens


Joined CMA: September 2021
Children in her care 150
Elderly in her care: 71
Outreach: n/a

Facts about Mama Lydia

Ebenezer Hannah Home
Ennerdale, Gauteng

  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
5 July 1994
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
3 children

Touch a life and make a difference”