Ebenezer Hannah Home

Lydia Isaacs (27) is the daughter of one of our most cherished members, Mama Shirley Merime, who grew up in Soweto. Mama Lydia worked with her mother from the age of 11 to bake bread, cook, and care for the vulnerable.

Mama Shirley instilled respect, love for others, confidence, independence, and selflessness in her daughter. After her passing, her legacy lived on. Mama Lydia was raised to give back and make a positive impact.

Driven by a desire to help those needing a home, Mama Lydia took on her mother’s legacy, offering hope to those in need. A skilled cook, baker, seamstress, gardener, and manager, she runs a bakery, preschool, and cares for those Mama Shirley left behind – 150 children and 71 elderly.

Mama Lydia’s dedication to her community is inspiring. She embodies the spirit of Clover Mama Afrika, and we celebrate her positive impact.


CMA provided skills training to 16
Mama transferred skills to 15
Mama provides employment to 4


Art: Mosaic, Pottery, Painting


Joined CMA: September 2021
Children in her care 60
Elderly in her care: 30
Outreach: 80

Facts about Mama Lydia

Ebenezer Hannah Home
Ennerdale, Gauteng

  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Afrikaans
  • Date of Birth:
5 July 1994
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
3 children

“Touch a life and make a difference.”