Good Hope Community Organisation

Mama Mary Lwate, founded the Good Hope Community Organisation in 1997 to care for abused and abandoned children. Her centre grew at an alarming rate, from the initial 18 to over 150 currently. But, she also opened a crèche to provide Early Childhood Development and proper stimulation to those in her care, and also to those who cannot afford to go to school. But, Mama Mary’s service to her community extends way beyond only its children.

She also has a drop-in project to assist destitute members of the community who are now assured of at least one meal a day. She has a bakery on the premises to service the community and generate income for the centre, and together with her food gardening project they can afford to feed those in need. Mama Mary ensures that all her children attend school and teaches them skills like baking, knitting, dressmaking, quilting, beadwork, jewelry making, and food gardening so that they, in turn, can generate an income and become self-sustainable.


CMA provided skills training to 61
Mama transferred skills to 306
Mama provides employment to 6


Art: Mosaic, Pottery, Painting


Joined CMA: November 2008
Children in her care: 0
Elderly in her care: 0
Outreach: 0

Facts about Mama Mary

Good Hope Community Organisation
Winterveld, Gauteng

  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Tswana
  • Date of Birth:
12 March 1939
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
1 child


2017 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika / Bernina Sewing Competition – 3rd Runner-up
2019 – Clover Mama Afrika/ Bernina Sewing competition
2021 – Clover Mama Afrika Entrepreneur of the Year
2021 – Bernina Embroidery Machine winner

Other awards:
2005 – Shoprite SABC3 Women of the Year – Finalist
2010 – Agri-Business Woman of the Year Award
Sowetan Old Mutual SABC Community Builder of the Year – Senior Award
Arts and Culture Silver Award for technical innovation and capacity building
The Seth Mokitimi Award for Outstanding Service
Certificate of Appreciation from Young Women Network

“Joining Clover Mama Afrika enables us to improve on all skills and empower members to generate more income. We are thankful for this opportunity.”