Ncedisizwe Centre

Mama Mirriam Toni started Ncedisizwe Centre in the early 1990’s to provide young boys and girls who’ve been abused, abandoned and in some cases left for dead on the street a home. She is determined to change the narrative of these little lives and teach them the value of a loving, stable home. She has dedicated her life to caring for orphans and vulnerable children, providing them with counselling, meals, and a variety of activities to keep them off the streets, including her own soccer team – the All Stars.

Her compassion toward her community doesn’t stop there. Mama Mirriam also started a catering project with her sister and her centre provides employment to 28 members, as well as opening a hair salon, sewing centre and bakery. She has a passion for sharing all her knowledge with fellow members and is committed to transferring her skills to them so that can improve their circumstances and ultimately become self-sufficient.


CMA provided skills training to 76
Mama transferred skills to 2209
Mama provides employment to 25


Art: Mosaic, Pottery, Painting
Cooking & Catering
Flower Arranging


Joined CMA: April 2011
Children in her care: 28
Elderly in her care: 17
Outreach: 105

Facts about Mama Mirriam

Ncedisizwe Centre
Mbekweni, Western Cape

  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Xhosa
  • Date of Birth:
13 March 1970
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
3 children


2015 – Clover Mama Afrika Most Improved – winner
2016 – Clover Mama Afrika Top Achiever Award – winner
2016 – Clover Mama Afrika Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Performer Extraordinaire Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award – winner
2021 – Clover Mama Afrika “Above & Beyond” Award
2023 – Clover Mama Afrika Ambassador

“Out of nothing, there can always come something, you just have to create it.