Sinethemba Community Organisation

Mama Nolitha, from Lusikisiki near Umkhambathi Game Resort in the Eastern Cape, is a community-driven individual. Being the 4th of 5 children, she obtained her education in the Eastern Cape, specializing in Community Development at the University of Western Cape. With 15 years of experience at the Department of Local Government, Nolitha has a background dedicated to service.

Having raised three children, one of whom tragically passed away in 2018, Nolitha focuses on the well-being and future of her family. Separated from their father for six years now, she resides with her children in Khayelitsha, Harare. Her commitment to community care led her to establish Sinethemba Community Organisation in 1999, addressing issues such as street cleanliness and health education.

Sinethemba Community Organisation evolved to provide vital support to vulnerable groups, offering services like a food garden, community kitchen for HIV/AIDS patients, and educational programs for school-going children. Nolitha’s projects have empowered numerous individuals, enabling children to excel academically, aiding mothers to secure employment, and fostering a sense of stability in the community. Her relentless efforts stem from the desire to safeguard children from societal challenges and ensure a brighter, safer future for all.


CMA provided skills training to 8
Mama transferred skills to 23
Mama provides employment to 16


Art: Mosaic, Pottery, Painting
Cooking & Catering
Flower Arranging
Crochet & Knitting
Egg Laying


Joined CMA: October 2022
Children in her care: 300
Elderly in her care: 250
Outreach: 150

Facts about Mama Nolitha

Sinethemba Community Organisation
Khayelitsha, Western Cape

  • Nationality and Language:
South African | Xhosa
  • Date of Birth:
26 June 1972
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
3 children


2023 – Clover Mama Afrika Health and Cleanliness Award