Step Ahead Early Childhood Development Centre

Mama Nondumiso walked away from a well- paying management job at Telkom when she came across a child sitting outside their place of worship with gaping wounds infested with flies. The plight of the children in her community inspired her to obtain her NQF Level 4 in Early Childhood Development and open her centre. She believes that failure to stimulate a child’s mind from birth is detrimental to their future and potential.

She opened the doors to Step Ahead in 2007 and today cares for no less than 104 pre-school children as well as coordinates a further 210 preschools in the Eastern Cape region. She also provides care for five foster homes with 24 orphans. Nondumiso offers training to adults to obtain their NQF level 4 in Early Childhood Development training and is committed to end poverty and promote healthy lives and well-being for all of all ages.

She opened a tea garden at her centre so the community can have a place just to relax, and uses the income they generate to supplement the children in her care who are not covered by the Department of Social Development.


CMA provided skills training to 10
Mama transferred skills to 63
Mama provides employment to 16


Bread baking
Cooking & baking


Joined CMA: May 2016
Children in her care: 153
Elderly in her care: 0
Outreach: 210 crèches
5 foster homes

Facts about Mama Nondumiso

Step Ahead Early Childhood Development Centre
Amalinda Forest, Eastern Cape


  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
3o May 1963
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
5 children


2005 – ABSA Award for ECD – winner
2014 – NPO Awards – winner
2017 – Clover Mama Afrika Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award – winner
2018 – Clover Mama Afrika Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award – winner
2019 – Clover Mama Afrika “Performer Extraordinaire” – Winner
2020 – Clover Mama Afrika “Cleanliness & Hygiene” – runner up

“Is this not the kind of fasting

I have chosen, to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into the house: when you see the naked to cover him, give yourself to the hungry. Isaiah 58:6-10.”