Norah’s Educare Centre

Mama Norah is fueled by an unshakable spirit and a passion for children. Her one goal is to provide them with an opportunity to receive the education and care that they so desperately need, but don’t always have access to. This relentless dedication has led to her caring for more than 900 children between three satellite centres.

She also provides after-care for the school going children, offering a host of activities to ensure that the children stay off the streets. She has dedicated her life to helping those who cannot help themselves and thrives on providing fellow members with the opportunity to learn skills, grow, and advance. Teaching them the value of earning their own income and becoming self-sufficient.


CMA provided skills training to 0
Mama transferred skills to 0
Mama provides employment to 0


It takes a lot of time to and energy to care for 900 children, so Mama Norah decided to place her self-help projects on hold.


Joined CMA: December 2013 – 2014
Children in her care: n/a
Elderly in her care: n/a
Outreach: n/a

Facts about Mama Norah

Norah’s Educare Centre
Putfontein, Gauteng


  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
11 April 1959
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
4 children

“As a woman you must know

that you can do so much – you can do something towards alleviating poverty – never give up and start small, but do something.”