Seki Women’s Foundation

Some surrender to the status quo, while others stand up and lead the way forward, Mama Pela Bono is such a woman, known as a pillar of strength for new Brighton community. She established the Seki Women’s Foundation in January 2004 and roped in 20 volunteers to assist in her mission. Together they cook and provide meals to more than 260 children and elderly three days a week, partly from the food garden they established.

But in communities where poverty is rampant, they also provide home-based care to people living with HIV/AIDS who have been struck down by the disease and are unable to leave their homes. When strong women rise, the community trusts them, they identify children who may be having problems at home and alert the necessary services. Because in the rural areas, they are the first line of defence the vulnerable have. “I know and am glad these children get to eat three days a week…. but I have no idea what they do for food on other days. It’s really a worry…”


CMA provided skills training to 34
Mama transferred skills to 24
Mama provides employment to n/a


Unfortunately, Mama Pella does not have enough manpower to help with self-help projects.


Joined CMA: November 2007 – 2013
Children in her care: n/a
Elderly in her care: n/a
Outreach: n/a

Facts about Mama Pella

Seki Women’s Foundation
New Brighton, Eastern Cape


  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
1 January 1970
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
2 children


2009 – Clover Mama Afrika Photo Competition – winner

“We thank Clover and Clover Mama Afrika for all their support over the years.”