Lesedi la Thuto Centre

In 1999, Mama Rosemary started helping her sister as a volunteer worker at her school, sadly circumstances would force her sister to close the school, but the children had made too much of an impact on Mama Rosemary, and she could not abandon them. Within a year, she had completed her studies in Early Childhood Development and had 45 children in her care. As so often happens in underprivileged communities, there just isn’t money to send young children to school, and when they finally have to go to primary school, they have no proper foundation to build on.

Mama Rosemary was not about to let her community and its children be caught in the cycle, despite never receiving aid or subsidies from the government, Mama Rosemary pushed on and had impacted the lives of more than 1 000 Children. She uses the Asset Mapping concept to provide the children in her care with the foundation they need to make their education and learning a success. Because, every child needs an education, and they need Early Childhood Development to prepare them for it.


CMA provided skills training to 42
Mama transferred skills to 74
Mama provides employment to 2


Cooking and baking
Flower arranging
Food Gardens


Joined CMA: June 2005
Children in her care: 68
Elderly in her care: 0
Outreach: 0

Facts about Mama Rosemary

Lesedi la Thuto Centre
Mangaung, Free State


  • Nationality and Language:
  • Date of Birth:
15 May 1947
  • Marital Status:
  • Own Children:
3 children


2009 – Clover Mama Afrika Photo Competition – winner
2010 – Clover Mama Afrika Photo Competition – winner

“Let us appreciate what has

come our way as everybody wants to be a Clover Mama Afrika. We are the chosen few and we make the best of what we have.”