Healthy eating is very important to us at Clover SA, so the Clover Mama Afrika project has trained all the Mamas to cook and bake – both to help feed all the people they care for and generate income.
We've got a wide range of recipes to share from our recipe books for all occasions, whether you’re looking for something quick or a recipe to impress a special guest.
Sometimes called "rainbow cuisine", this selection of recipes has a variety of sources to reflect South Africa's multicultural heritage, including Indian, Afrikaans, British and Cape Malay cuisine.
Locally Served
Discover a love for African cuisine – these traditional African recipes reflect the unique, rich flavours of real South African food.
Africa Safari
Share, laugh and eat: beyond essential health and nutrition, family meals provide an opportunity for quality time together. Share the love with these delicious, nutritious and simple to prepare recipes.
Family Meals
Soul-satisfying soups and cosy casseroles are food for the soul in winter. We've got the winter season all wrapped up with fresh, hot meal ideas for long winter evenings.
Winter Warmers
No need to make dinner reservations; these recipes are sure to sweep those special guests off their feet. Impress them with these tasty, well-presented dishes.
Impress Mode
Celebrate the holidays with the perfect selection of recipes to tantalise your family's tastebuds and open your kitchen up to new culinary adventures.
Holiday Meals
For the next cookout or camping trip, you'll want to take along a copy of these must-have outdoor cooking recipes, making you look like a wonder chef in your natural elements!
Outdoor Meals
This is the season for Christmas pudding, festive family dinners and decadent desserts. Reunite your family around a table with a little bit of love from Clover Mama Afrika.
Festive Food