In the spirit of Ubuntu – we ask you to join us on this road through hope and upliftment to sustainable success.
To date every aspect of the Clover Mama Afrika initiative has surpassed all expectations and each success is a testament to the hard work, dedication and enormous pride of all involved. Any donation big or small makes a huge difference to the lives of Clover Mama Afrika members.
All donations received are distributed accordingly to each centre countrywide.
Here are some ideas of what our Mamas will always be grateful for:
Non-perishable and tinned food
Non-perishable foods have a long shelf life and don’t require refrigeration and will help ensure that those in the care of our Mamas always have a warm meal to eat.
There are just over 700 babies under the age of 2 years and therefore nappies would not be a luxury but a necessity. Most centres do not have washing machines and all towling nappies are washed by hand sometimes 5 x a day.
With over 5000 children fed by the Mamas on a daily basis, basic utensils such as a spoon and bowl are considered as a luxury item. Most children arrive with either a broken plastic spoon and a broken ice cream tub or margarine tub. Stainless steel spoon and durable plastic bowls/plates will make a huge difference. Mamas also enjoy being a good host to visitors and therefore will never say no to a nice tea/coffee set or glass set.
They may live in dusty and sad surroundings but hygiene is always high on the priority list of the Mamas. Children have to be clean. Soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper etc..
Cleaning goods
A Mama can never have enough detergents, disinfectants and cleaning goods to ensure a clean and safe environment for those she cares for.
Anything from chairs, tables, shelving to beds, cupboards will always be used by the centres. Accessories such as carpets, mats and curtaining are also welcome.
Good condition second hand clothing for young and old will always be worn with pride.
So many of the Clover Mama Afrika children do not possess their own toys. Good condition toys will bring about grateful smiles.
Most centres have nursery schools and there will always be a need for educational posters, crayons, rulers, pencils etc..
What youngsters can resist swings, monkey bars, slides – mini jungle gyms?
Bring warmth to those in need – specifically during winter months.
Donations of any kind are welcome. Should you wish to make a financial contribution or would like to receive more information on making a donation towards the Clover Mama Afrika project – please e-mail us:
You have a Mama in your region that would welcome your experitise and assistance with:
• Plumbing
• General repair work
• Electrical
• Building
• Painting
Would you like to share your passion for music, art or sport? If so, why not spend some time at a Clover Mama Afrika centre near you and;
• teach them to play a musical instrument
• do a fun arts & craft day
• coach a sport such cricket, football, netball etc.
• have a poetry reciting day
Should you wish to help with any of the above, please email: or contact 011 471 1431. The Clover Mama Afrika team will assist in facilitating the collection/delivery of donated goods as well as visits to the centres.